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With the start of the New Year comes new resolutions, new starts and new beginnings. Cancer Fightclub is a campaign I am working on alongside my colleagues at work. Sadly too few people are accepting their invitation to attend the national cancer screening programmes. The programmes that can detect cancer in it's very earliest stages, sometimes before the cells are even cancerous but are showing early signs of change. We all know that the earlier you detect cancer, the earlier you receive treatment; treatment with the aim to cure.

Our aim in 2019 is to increase the number of people who are attending these screening programmes. Why don't people attend? Well it beats me, it really does - I suspect there is an element of heads being buried in the sand, it won't happen to me mentality. People are busy and when they feel healthy this is seen as an unwelcome intrusion.

The Fightclub campaign is asking people to stand up to cancer. Let's aim for a round one knock-out. The best chance we have of achieving this is to actually turn up to the fight!

Sadly cancer changes the rules the more it progresses. We talk of this fight...this battle, but the playing field isn't even.

We are asking for you all to join us, raise awareness. When that invitation lands on your doorstep - go, make your friends, loved ones, colleagues, neighbours....make them all go! Talk about it. Let's fight together!

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